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We provide Saudi Arabia markets , with group of high-quality vegetables

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Yakhdhoor Company founded in 1415. The company has made several strides and achievements during her career, which coincided with the latest developments in the field of agricultural production and development, according to deep vision and commitment to the fundamentals of a comprehensive quality and continuous development which qualifies her to occupy prestigious and reputable position.


Provide nutritional value and high quality products that enrich the lives of consumers every day.Yakhdhoor Company believes in providing the best products to customers at the best prices. The company boasted a team to work with a highly qualified professional, and this precedes the other companies by long distances. We are committed to building lasting relationships, and share our suppliers and customers trust and mutual understanding in order to build lasting relationships and maintain them.

Our journey

Long history, prosperous future, and an ongoing commitment to providing high-quality products.There is no doubt that a key ingredient to the success of Yakhdhoor company is its ability to continue to strengthen its competitive position in all markets and through maintaining the quality of its products and meet the needs of consumers and the use of scientific research and new technologies and the application of best business practices in all company activities.