We seek to be our preferred option to the consumer through our leadership in the targeted markets and provide distinctive products.


The vision of Yakhdhoor in the field of agricultural products development is the continuous search for a healthy and highly nutritious products which satisfy consumers’ tastes and meet their aspirations and through the analysis of consumer needs, and study the options that can be applied. Yakhdhoor relies on the implementation of that vision, on the innovation in the development of its products through a strategy aimed at strengthening the introduction of new products and upgrading operations efficient of the product life cycle management.

Our journey

Long history, prosperous future, and an ongoing commitment to providing high-quality products.There is no doubt that a key ingredient to the success of Yakhdhoor company is its ability to continue to strengthen its competitive position in all markets and through maintaining the quality of its products and meet the needs of consumers and the use of scientific research and new technologies and the application of best business practices in all company activities.